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Looking to get involved in the Ottawa Science Policy Network? Here you will find out more about open positions and volunteer opportunities!


*We are currently accepting nominations for vacant executive positions for the year 2024/2025.*

We are always looking for students interested in Science Policy! General membership is open to all students at the University of Ottawa.

What is science policy?

Science Policy is the intersection of science and government: both how government directs and supports science and innovation; and how science provides evidence to inform government policy and decision making.

What does OSPN do?

At the Ottawa Science Policy Network (OSPN) we aim to engage more students in science policy (for instance by running Science Policy 101 workshops); enhance the equity, diversity and inclusion for students conducting research; promote the use of scientific research in decision making; and advocate for student and next-generation researchers (including our highly viewed report on graduate student finances and outreach to politicians)."

OSPN Executive Positions 



VP Finance​

VP Administration​

VP Francophonie (2 positions possible) ​

VP Graphic Design ​

VP Social Media (2 positions possible)​

VP External ​

VP Events (2 positions possible)​

VP Editing​

VP Technology ​

General Executive (Executive without portfolio) x2​

If you're interested in joining our 2024/2025 executive team, fill out the nomination form here or scan the QR code below!

General Membership

OSPN is Ottawa’s first science policy graduate student group that was newly founded in 2021. Our core values include advocacy for graduate students, education about science policy and promoting Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).

General membership is a great way to get involved and participate in different projects such as social media campaigns, surveys, reports and event planning. If you would like to get involved we ask you to complete this survey and we'll invite you to join our slack.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at the form below.

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